Some time ago, when asked to contribute some thoughts to someone who was writing an article on how artists can "use a website to promote their artwork", I found it quite interesting to examine my own motives and to consider what role my use of a web site had played in my art, and whether it had met my original expectations. I would like to share my conclusions.
What is ArtWhat is Art

What is Art

As I have improved my own skills and developed more of a personal style, I have gradually come to have a personal definition of what art is - and what it is not. I am not trying to suggest that I have the "correct" view on the subject, but my opinion quite naturally affects the subjects I choose and the way in which I work.

A Personal Viewpoint

This is where I offer some of my thoughts, beliefs and commentary on life in general. Please take a look at the links to the left. In the meantime, have a chuckle over this cartoon:

It has been said, "The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat!"


This cartoon was originally published in the NZ Listener on page 8 of the issue of 21st October 1989.  Presented here with permission.


Being a collector of interesting stuff, I kept it because I thought it to be funny yet profound. It depicts a rat crawling from the sewer and evolving upright to become human. Then on discovering money, he degenerates back to a rat, and falls back into the sewer from which he came!


To get it to work as an animation, some minor alterations were necessary.


I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

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